Volunteers: Notes and Cautions


We will update this particular blog posting to provide new notes for volunteers:

  • Motel Black List. There are clients of the consolidated motel voucher program who are no longer welcome at our motels. There is a printed list in one of the binders on the administrative assistant’s desk. Please check the list before you send someone to the Holiday Motel.  This has not yet been a problem.
  • Cold Weather Shelter Food:
    • Our stuff is stored in the Food Bank’s big refrigerator on two shelves (with appropriate signage). 
    • The food in the small refrigerators in the kitchen belong to other groups. 
    • Rolls and bread for breakfast are on shelves just outside the refrigerator door. 
  • Animal Cages:
    • If needed, are located in the CWS great room, but will no doubt find their way to the storage area across from the restrooms. 
  • Pack up the Tents on
    • Wednesday AM
    • Thursday AM
    • 3rd Monday AM
  • Toilet Paper
    • Please check on the rolls in the upstairs restrooms
    • TP rolls are in the storage locker next to our pads storage area. The key to open the restroom TP dispensers is on the janitor’s cart, hanging on a hook/stick located at the top shelf near the handle
  • Sticky Kids
    • The kids group that uses the Hall on Wednesday evenings will, upon occasion, leave sticky bits on the floor. Please use the big dust-mop located just outside the kitchen door to sweep up.
    • If you run across any sticky bits you can clean this with the wet Swifter in the storage locker (next to our pads storage).
  • The Big Trash Can
    • After breakfast, please empty the Big Trash Can (near the kitchen door) into the dumpster out back. (It should roll…via the elevator and down the ramp. 
    • Please don’t put liquids into the Trash can . The plastic bags can’t hold the weight. Liquids go into the sink.
  • Keep the Kitchen Neat and TIdy
    • Please!