The Cold Weather Shelter in the Cold

The Cold Weather Shelter has put up around 20-25 people per night for the past month, and the number hasn’t increased significantly during the latest snowmageddon. forecasts snow or a mix of rain and snow through Saturday.  The long-range forecast predicts high temperatures in the Upper 30’s to 40° and lows around 30 through the 24th of Feb.

It would seem that we’ll need volunteers for awhile.

Volunteer Notes, Part II: Storage Bins and the Wagon

We keep discovering that there are things that we didn’t think about in the Procedural Manual, so we’ll update these Notes periodically until every contingency has been covered (sometime in April, I suspect):

  • The Wagon: I brought in a garden wagon that we can use to haul bins from the Great Room to the  Storage Area.   …This will enable the Salvation Army to reclaim and use their carts.  Caution: the wagon has sharp corners that could go through drywall very handily.
  • Five Small Bins: Five smaller bins contain unused clothing and blankets for the evening’s use. Regarding the 12 larger bins…
  • 12 Larger Bins: Our guests who plan to return the following day can use these bins to store their blankets and pillows during the day.  These bins are not for storing personal items; personal items should be removed from the premises every AM.
  • Where the wagon and bins should go. Please put these items in the storage room in front the bins marked “Easter, Valentine’s Day and any season of the year except for Christmas.  Malcolm needs access to the Xmas bins during the day to put away leftover decorations. Additionally, keep access open to the CERT Team’s radio station.
  • Food: Bring only enough food from the Food Bank for the evening and morning’s meals. Please don’t stash extra food in the kitchen.  This needs to go back to the Foodbank or be stored away in the storage area.
  • Clothing: If a shelter guest needs clothing (gloves, coat, hat, etc), you can find same in the Food Bank, in big bins.
  • Reimbursement for supplies. If you purchase food or supplies (milk, eggs, etc), send a message to  We’re holding a powwow this week to talk about supplies and reimbursements, and there are funds for that.
  • Showers.  An issue we’re working on.


Volunteers: Notes and Cautions


We will update this particular blog posting to provide new notes for volunteers:

  • Motel Black List. There are clients of the consolidated motel voucher program who are no longer welcome at our motels. There is a printed list in one of the binders on the administrative assistant’s desk. Please check the list before you send someone to the Holiday Motel.  This has not yet been a problem.
  • Cold Weather Shelter Food:
    • Our stuff is stored in the Food Bank’s big refrigerator on two shelves (with appropriate signage). 
    • The food in the small refrigerators in the kitchen belong to other groups. 
    • Rolls and bread for breakfast are on shelves just outside the refrigerator door. 
  • Animal Cages:
    • If needed, are located in the CWS great room, but will no doubt find their way to the storage area across from the restrooms. 
  • Pack up the Tents on
    • Wednesday AM
    • Thursday AM
    • 3rd Monday AM
  • Toilet Paper
    • Please check on the rolls in the upstairs restrooms
    • TP rolls are in the storage locker next to our pads storage area. The key to open the restroom TP dispensers is on the janitor’s cart, hanging on a hook/stick located at the top shelf near the handle
  • Sticky Kids
    • The kids group that uses the Hall on Wednesday evenings will, upon occasion, leave sticky bits on the floor. Please use the big dust-mop located just outside the kitchen door to sweep up.
    • If you run across any sticky bits you can clean this with the wet Swifter in the storage locker (next to our pads storage).
  • The Big Trash Can
    • After breakfast, please empty the Big Trash Can (near the kitchen door) into the dumpster out back. (It should roll…via the elevator and down the ramp. 
    • Please don’t put liquids into the Trash can . The plastic bags can’t hold the weight. Liquids go into the sink.
  • Keep the Kitchen Neat and TIdy
    • Please!